Buckles and Locking Leather Collars

Hello! This is our first blog post ever!

We’re so excited that we’re finally starting on this journey and you’ve decided to join us here on the internets!


This post will be all about buckles with regards to our leather bondage collars and cuffs and the decisions we’ve made designing them.

bdsm locking buckle bondage leather play collar 

Back when we started making our BDSM products, we used only standard single-prong buckles. This turned out to be ok but we kept having requests for locking buckles on our fetish collars and cuffs.

The problem back then was that we couldn’t find a supplier who sold locking buckles in anything but cheap zinc or nickel-plated metals. These kinds of metals do not age well. This really didn’t sit well with us since we pride ourselves on using only materials that would last and not get scratched/rubbed-off, or even worse, break exactly when you need them to be reliable in the middle of all the sexy action happening.


We took a break from custom orders (don’t worry, they will be available again soon!) and got to work on designing our new “Carnal Sins” collection.

Part of the design process was deciding on the closure mechanism and picking the best option for our kinky friends in order to make their experience using the collars and cuffs amazing!


We were thinking of using a lockable pin (pictured below) which will be simple but would only be able to be used while locked. This didn’t sound like the best idea since people might want to take it lightly and only use the lock occasionally. We needed something that would be able to be used with and without the lock on it. We even went as far as using special software in order to 3D design our ideal bondage collar closure mechanism.

 locking pin bondage collar prototype padlock

Eventually, we found a manufacturer that was able to create the style of buckle we currently use (pictured below) made of beautiful Stainless Steel! This way the BDSM collar or cuffs could be worn either way, which makes it significantly more versatile and easier to use!

locking buckle bondage play collar prototype

Every locking buckle comes with a padlock and a set of keys included. And no, the keys are not just a cutesy/pretend version of the real thing.


Currently, we believe to be the only BDSM/Fetish Accessories brand that uses Stainless Steel for their locking buckles in the USA, which feels like a big deal!

Rest assured that whichever buckle style you pick they will be made of the highest quality materials available.



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