"Deep Abyss" Abel Leather Mask
"Deep Abyss" Abel Leather Mask
dark nature aesthetics

"Deep Abyss" Abel Leather Mask

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As a part of the "Deep Abyss" Collection, this leather mask is all black (of course) and has minimal and tastefully placed designs with flowy/goth motifs.


Feel the power that comes with wearing this handmade leather mask and prepare to consume the souls (and compliments) of all that see you in it.

The more you wear it, the more it will shape to your face and it will soon feel like a second skin and something you can't live without.


Classy, elegant, sophisticated, and mysterious, the mask will inspire a new level of self-discovery, and exploration of your mind's deepest corners.

Are you curious about what you will find there?

Take the plunge and see what's been hiding inside you.